Trip 6 : Champs @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama

Woot woot! Hey Everybody! I'm back this week with more fooooood...

Last Saturday, after a tiring day at gym, we took a drive to Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. We decided to treat our self with food that could recover back what we lost in the treadmill.

HAHAHA...Wait till you see the photos and you'll know how much calories are there in those sinful food...

Champs! Look at the word 'Damn Shiok". It's making me feeling shiok! :P

Nice sambal! Yummy! I can eat it whole day! :D

This is the most sinful food of all...the amount of fats is just too unbearable.. but we couldn't fight the temptation because our temptation towards it is much much more uncontrollable.

Adam's Crispy Pork Chop!

Look at the prawns! This is my favourite Prawn Mee! You see those thingy floating on the soup...WHAHAHA...Those are the most sinful stuff to be place into your mouth! Fried Pork Lard!!!! WOOT WOOT!!

I think we need to run an additional 1 hour this week! :S
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Trip 5 : Satay Station @ Mont Kiara

These photos are driving me crazy. Whenever I looked at them, I feel like driving to Satay Station and tabao 10-20 sticks of satay to eat right now. Yes...I repeat now!!!!!!!!

Nicole had been telling us about this place call Satay Station. She said it is much much better than the one at Kajang. Once you taste this, you will not want to go Kajang for satay anymore. Nicole described the satay at Satay Station to be big, fat, chunky and juicy.

So I persuaded Nicole to cancel her plans on last Saturday so that she can bring me to this Satay heaven. When we reached, the place looks normal. Nothing to be excited about.

Satay Station @ Mont Kiara!

We ordered 1 dozen of chicken satay, 1 dozen of beef satay and a bowl of mee rebus each.

When the mee rebus arrived, the 1st thing I notice is the egg actually looked freshly hard boiled.

The moment I taste it, it is good. The best I've tasted since I stepped into KL.

Mee Rebus! Yummmmmz...

Look at the egg...looks new and slippery right? LOL!!!

After I "settle" my mee rebus, I went to kaypo at the satay pit.

Here comes the SATAY!!!! *Gulp*

Big Fat Chunky and Juicy Satay with Ketupat!! *Slurp*

Look at the Chicken Satay! *Salivating*


Damn it... Tissue please! My saliva just dripped on my table! ARGH!!!

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Trip 4 : Penang Island a.k.a. Home

Penang, the food paradise!

To a lot of people, that's Penang. To us, it's home!

Unfortunately due to some tight schedule, only the lonely president, me, got to go back and made the rest in KL reeled in jealousy & hatred! :P

Coming back to the lovely island is beyond words. Family, friends, food - you just can't summarize the feelings of having them into one word.

With just a short 4-day trip, I tried to make the fullest of it by eating as much as I can (^_^) & meeting up with close friends (Eddy, CK & Kennard).

Buddies are as great as ever. Food, still incomparable.

To make this short & sweet, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking! :D

Went to Presgrave Street for dinner. Famous Hokkien Mee - simply delicious! *slurp*

Wan Tan Mee! Ask us and we will say a world of a difference from those in KL!

Ban's favourite food: Tau Kua (Tofu)

Fried Oyster, my personal favourite in PG.

Lunch @ Chuan Bee, China Street. A place my family always come for dinner more than a decade ago. "It has been more than a decade since I last came," said Dad.

After so long, the dishes are still as good. Just look at juicy & tasty asam prawns!

Fu Yong Egg which is so different from KL. So damn delicious!

Sambal Kangkong; not my favourite but enjoyed the sambal taste.

After dinner with Kennard at Jones Road (sorry, no photos taken!), I went to Bee Hooi @ Pulau Tikus for our very first POHPIAH!!! Just thinking of it makes me...*gulp*

Went for chit-chat, drink & laughter @ Coffee Island, Gurney Drive with Eddy & CK. A good chit-chat place as long as the company is fantastic & they were! :) Thanks to Eddy for those nostalgic goodies which we eat very often as children.

In Penang, Kopi Peng (Coffee Ice) is a must try for coffee lovers! Had my lunch Swee Kong Coffee Shop @ Pulau Tikus (directly opposite Pulau Tikus police station).

One of my favourite Mee Goreng! Can't get them in KL...argh!!!!!

Wan Tan Mee - a little different from the usual with different gravy & lots of ingredients!

A second round of lunch @ Cecil Street Market. Lots of good food there!

Char Koay Teow!!! This is near the carpark which is the end of the market! I'm hungry just by looking at this...*growl*!

Fried pohpiahs! This is rather oily & dry. I miss those which are sold on carts with laksa soup! :(

Dinner @ Chulia Street! This is how we define fine dining; by the streets! ;D

Wan Tan Mee again!!! It's just irresistible in Penang. I love this type of char siew which is hard to find, if any, in KL!

Dry or soup, they are just as good!!!

Curry Mee!!! Another must-have whenever go back to Penang.

This is what I call Sar Hor Fun!!!

Mind for a supper? How about a burger by the roadside @ Hillside, Tanjung Bunga? It's absolutely heavenly!!!

Last meal before leaving Penang @ Kampung Malabar (corner coffee shop off Penang Road). Penang Fried Rice. Sambal. Big & fresh prawns. 'Nuff said!

Ee Fu Mee. It has been some time since I last eaten such classic noodles before this!

For us who came from SXI, don't we just miss our alma mater? *sigh*


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Trip 3 : Daidomon @ Great Eastern Mall

Food, Food, Glorious Fooooood......

Once again, we indulged ourself in good food over the weekend...

Last weekend was a crazy weekend for us, so jam packed with activities that I didn't have time to stop to breathe.

On Friday, all our members from Penang came over to KL for a gathering. Our first destination was Daidomon at Great Eastern Mall, KL.

We departed from hotel at 6pm and only managed to reach by 730pm. One hour late from the estimated time indicated by CE's GPS. The traffic jam was horrigible. CK's car was also banged by a dreaming driver. Eddy was so hungry that he almost wanted to go and get a bun from any nearby shop. Everyone was delighted when we saw the glowing lion on Great Eastern Mall!

Presenting Daidomon at Great Eastern Mall, KL!!!!

I do not know why there is this waiting area here. Usually bosses will fully utilise all the space in their shop to earn money. This is a very special boss.

Jam-packed as always!!!

The menu! Honestly, the variety is not as much as they claim they have.

When we reach, Adam and Xavier were already helping themself with some Potato Wedges...

Don't know why Adam took this shot. He left to Singapore without telling me why. Maybe he thinks the chopstick, plate and sauce plate looks interesting?

The sauce that taste sooooooo yummy!

As we settle down, we chit chat a little, then we got up and start attacking the foooood...

Here are some of the ready cooked food there!

More ready cooked food!

Here comes the raw meat! *Gulp*

Raw Seafoooooooooood!!!!!

Sizzling on the hot plate! :D

Ready to be serve!


This is the Salmon I chefed. Looks edible right?

Adam's Favourite Prawn! Big and Juicy!

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